Sep 11

Ten Fantastic Reasons for Downshifting
by Tracey Smith

1) Eliminate financial stress

Realise the equity that surrounds you, ditch the mortgage, dump the store and credit cards. Downshifting need not mean a smaller house, just smaller outgoings and less pressure on your wallet.

2) Live a healthier life

Adopt a more ‘outside’ and active existence. You don’t have to answer to a clock anymore. Eat when you are hungry, sleep when tired and work more efficiently as a result. Downshifters are always busy!

3) Appreciate the simpler things

Life is full of treasure and free pleasures. Picnics, healthy walks, conversing and enjoying the company of your loved ones. Catch up on what you have lost by living on the treadmill – anything is possible.

4) Explore your own creativity

Are you good at painting, creative writing, or furniture restoration perhaps? Find out what your God given talents are and have fun uncovering new ones!

5) Broaden your mind

Downshifting promotes a more hands-on attitude to all aspects of life. Learn a bunch of new skills from books, the internet, and the new friends you will suddenly have the time to be with!

6) Rear a little livestock and grow your own

Everyone will benefit from your efforts in the garden. Tastier, organic produce will blow your socks off and keep you healthier. Start by keeping a few chickens and eat your first real egg!

7) Live by the seasons

Appreciate the four seasons and the delights that come with each one. Kick the autumn leaves around with a woodland walk, find the first snowdrops as you photograph new life in the garden. Seasonal cooking should be celebrated – look forward to the next budding crop and plan exciting new meals.

8) Adopt a different approach to shopping

Explore the amazing bargains to be had at the charity shops. Second-hand is not a poor mans option, it’s a thrifty one. Keep the money in your pocket.

9) Give something back to the community

If you have the time, consider being a volunteer for a charity or local organisation. A few hours of your time could be priceless to a soul that needs a hand and it feels great!

10) Make more of your life

Stop in your tracks and evaluate where you are, what you have done, what is really important to you, how much you see of the ones you love and what the future holds.

Are you really happy?

If not, make the changes you need to put the smile back on your face – this is not a dress rehearsal you know, this is your life!

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