Jan 12

Beckham shopping againIt came as a surprise for most European Soccer Fans, but somehow it was clear all the way: David Beckham is downshifting!

He is leaving the most famous Club on Earth, Real Madrid, going to a nobody. With his move to the unknown Club of LA Galaxy in even more unknown Soccer-nation United States of A, he is doing less and even managed to get paid more than ever.

Beck’s preparing for retirement? Are you kidding me?

Yes, he is! Semi-retirement at least. Last night, while sleeping, I had an interview with him, asking for his reasons for the switch. Here are the reasons, he told me in my dream:

David, why are you leaving Real Madrid and move to another country?

“Honestly, can you understand anything when these Spanish Bastards are talking? Why do I have to learn that stupid language? At least the Americans speak some sort of english! Those Spanish never liked me anyway. Besides that, those Macho Spanish are always following Victoria around. It’s all too flirtatious and that is actually to my job!”

But LA Galaxy in the US of A?

“Yeah, come on, I’m 31, I have to face it, am at the end of my professional footballer career. My muscles are aching and I’m actually lazy by nature. On top of that; why running around following a stupid ball at 8am in the morning, when I can go for lunch with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes instead?”

Yeah, but why leaving everything behind and going traveling again?

“Did you see that moutain of cash they offered me? Guess how many gold necklaces I can buy for myself and how many diamond ear rings for Victoria and further mistresses! Did you see those californian and latin-american mexican chicas? Wohaaaaaooo.”

What else do you expect of being a Nomad again?

Victoria is happy too!“Hey, I can spend much more time now with my wife and kids (or with the nanny, but don’t tell anyone, k?). Anyway am a Socialite; meaning, Hollywood is the best place for me to be! I can chase Paris Hilton around the block – maybe we can even shoot one of those nice movies together as well? Or I can ask Lindsay Lohan why she always has those bags under her eyes. Victoria can go shopping with Jessica Simpson or think of opening her own line of fashion. Maybe Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can help her with that?

Ah yes! How about your wealth? How much is it and does it automatically lead to happiness?

“I have to tell you I can’t even count all that dough! It just sits in my bank account and am still trying to figure out how it got there. I just enjoy shopping and drinking some Tequila every evening. Oops, did I say Tequila? I mean Budweiser of course. So am I happy with my money? Hell – ya!”

Okay, so much about David and the Beckhams. I’m sure you are getting the picture by now: if you really need any more reasons; why it pays off to live more with doing less – read here about “10 fantastic reasons for downshifting” and here on how to do it.

If you just want to read the real (?) story behind Beck’s move, click here. ;-)

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