Aug 27

lunar eclipse as seen from earthOur planet Earth is set to see a rare Total Lunar Eclipse on the evening of 28/08/2007, which can be seen almost around the globe with the naked eye. No telescope is needed provided the sky is clear just before dawn. If not – a telescope wouldn’t help either.lunar eclipse scientific model :)

Just make sure you have a nice position to see the moon.

What is a Lunar eclipse?

It’s a natural phenomenon which happens, when the Earth’s shadow will fully cover the moon. It’s a rare event, as it can only happen, when Sun, Moon and Earth are in the right positions, with the Earth sandwiched in the middle. Hence the moon is always a Full Moon, when a Lunar Eclipse happens. This usually happens only twice a year, although partial eclipses can occur more often.

The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon’s location relative to its orbital nodes.

The Moon will start as a Full white circle, but will slowly turn red, while Earth’s Shadow will cover it completely, just leaving a few rays of sunlight pass on the edges of her shadow, refracted by her atmosphere – thus allowing Moon to be only dimly lit by deep red colour light.

So, are you interested in watching the Total Lunar Eclipse?

And where will you be to see it? ;-)

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written by Chris

5 Responses to “Watch the Total Lunar Eclipse coming your way…”

  1. webpogaNo Gravatar PHILIPPINES Says:

    watch it live right on your web browsers via streaming video

  2. amandaNo Gravatar UNITED STATES Says:

    I missed it damn it ! ;)

  3. ChrisNo Gravatar INDONESIA Says:

    And me. Was on a delayed flight to Singapore with Garuda. Almost 3 hours late. On top of that, Singapore was cloudy – nothing to see. Arglglglggl! ;-)

  4. MelvinNo Gravatar MALAYSIA Says:

    I didn’t get to see it because of the bad weather.. there were clouds blocking it but you can actually notice the sky looks reddish..

  5. Rosario VNo Gravatar HONDURAS Says:

    we just spotted here in Honduras, my 9 year old was excited about the whole experience

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